Sunday, March 22, 2015

Maple Syrup Festival: Westfield Heritage


Despite the chilly temperatures, we braved a few minutes of the outdoors at Westfield Heritage Center.
Honestly, we were there for the Maple Syrup!

Three cauldrons were boiling over flames.
The first was the initial boiling of sap to extract water..
The second was for boiling syrup.
The third was for boiling out liquids completely to make maple sugar.

Even by the fire, it was freezing, so we were off to the Presses!
By far, my favourite feature of the field trip (with Maple Syrup coming in a close second!)

 Ready for Printing: An arranged Maple Syrup Poem

 O receiving inking instructions

The Pressman was extremely generous and let O take over most of the work of inking, setting paper and printing. He even sent us home with her newsprint!

Then we literally bee-lined for the Pancake House!
It was a bit of a wait, since we weren't the only ones in town with a hankering for Syrup!

 Going in for the Kiss!
 Needing something to nibble!
Finding something else to occupy herself!
 Desperate Times!

 Flap Jacks!
O dug right in, sans utensils.
Baby C, on the other hand, is a child of my own heart; she skipped the hot cakes altogether and went for straight-up syrup in a cup!
Daddy knows us both, so ordered accordingly!

 Straight Up!

We finished off the morning with a wagon ride through the Sugar Bush!
Baby C sat directly behind the horses behinds and giggled the whole way (likely the syrup talking, or the hilarity of horse bum!)

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