Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baby Memory: Magic Cup

Once upon a time, I was the funny-looking foreign teacher, with light locks and skin, not to mention incredibly hairy arms that students would pet in disbelief. The little one-year old children who sat through my 20-minute English 'lessons', mostly learned through song and dance.
Every once in a while, I could recall a quick fingerplay or game to grab their attention.
A favourite was 'Baby Memory' or 'The Magic Cup'.

Since introducing Baby C to the game this week, she has been hooked.
She hides a little object under a cup, then mixes the four cups about before looking under (every cup that is empty!) with a drawn out, "Neew. Neew. (no)".
When she finds the object she hid, she claps and screams congratulations to herself!
I was able to hide the object the very first round, but she has since commandeered the entire game, so it is now just entertainment for us!

Colour. During ESL this was a great tool for teaching colour, or introducing a Colour Unit. Likewise, I can use this game with O to learn her colours in Mandarin.

Vocabulary. You can use the object you're hiding to introduce new vocabulary, or review words.

Baby Math. Counting cups.

Baby Architecture. Baby C learned quickly that these cups nest, but they can also stack to create a tower.

Snack Play. The object can be in the form of a snack, which is always a big hit if you can eat the game pieces!

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