Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Giant Dot-to-Dot

 Caught Pink-Handed

We used the idea of a Giant Dot-to-Dot from 'What we do all day' http://www.whatdowedoallday.com/2013/02/motor-skills-activity-giant-dot-to-dot.html to introduce our Bird Theme Day.

I drew a chalk outline of the bird, created 42 numbered dots and added a few details such as eye, tail feathers and legs, before erasing the chalk.

We started with two simple dot-to-dots, so we could look at the idea of consecutive numbers and lines.
O was eager to move to the big piece on the wall, so finished the practice pieces as quickly as possible!

Loads of great reads!!

Cute little story about an invisible bird who decorates herself with nature, before discovering why she is so special. This was appropriate for our dot-to-dot as initially, that bird was invisible too!

This is one of those books I wouldn't have chosen unless it was recommended (which it was!). Too often I choose books by their cover (which is horrible!)
Such a sweet read. It includes several types of birds and their calls (which O & Baby C yell out the window hoping to attract flying friends!) The nesting robin remains quiet among the trilling and for good reason!

Another book that teachers bird calls. 
The illustrations are photographic quality! Surreal!

We love Kevin Henkes!
He wrote Chrysanthemum, Owen and many more clever books about mice characters.
This is completely different from his usual style.
I used Dronze's illustrations for the dot-to-dot.

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