Friday, March 6, 2015

Form Drawing: Wet Brushes

 Form Drawing

Waldorf education implements Form Drawing into lessons long before introducing the alphabet.
Barbara Dewey encourages using giant surfaces for practicing form, so children can get their bodies involved in the movement of lines with bumps, twists and sharp peaks.
She also demonstrates how to incorporate storytelling into the form!

We took a page from the brilliant Kate at 'An Every Day Story' for using a chalkboard as temporary Form 'canvas' (she has cut trunk chunks for her daughter to build on the line...clever!)
We carried on with our paintbrush theme from 'Ain't Gonna Paint' and used a wet brush as the medium, essentially making the lines 'disappear'.
Wet noodles
or Sunshine Salt are other great substitutes for the plain, old pencil.

After we did a few rounds of Form, O wanted to spell her name, which is now Fern (of Charlotte's Web).

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