Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fleeing Oregano: Molecular Chemistry

We love when science is masked in a Magic Trick!
Every week, I receive a post to my inbox from 'The Kids Should See This' (link on 'Love Play Learn' column, right).
This mornings link particularly caught my attention
Not only is it a clever, intriguiging experiment, but it is exceptionally easy to set up!
Note: Be sure to show the video, post experiment so you can work your magic unbeknownst to your little (and spouse) scientists!

I played the first round to my advantage, much like Mr. Hound, pretending I had some super powers that the rest of the household lacks.
I assumed this would get my husband worked up;)
It did.
Once I let the secret out, we brainstormed several different liquids from around the kitchen that could possibly do the job of the dish soap; breaking surface tension of the water molecules.

Baby C rolled her sleeves up!
She has been completely involved in our projects this week and she was not willing to miss out on this one!

I am So In!

Little Scientist explaining the results

O explained that the (rice) milk and dish soap were the most successful (vinegar, apple cider and honey had no visible effect).
Then she went on to use pepper flakes and thought up several other spices that we should include.

Fortunately, the science does not end here.
The video led me to it's clever hosting site, where you can find plenty more magic tricks, I mean, science projects! (listed, as of today, under 'Love Play Learn' column at right!)

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