Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Five the Magician

 Five & his Magic Toothbrush

What. A. Show.
Five the Magician was one of the performers featured on March Break Week at our local library.
Aside from being just plain funny, he had some amazing tricks up his sleeve.
In the opening act, he turned a balloon into a bunny.
He ate a red foam ball and pulled it out of his ear, five more out of his mouth (and 'ended' with a large one out his behind!)
He escaped Harry Houdini chains.
He turned a pot of fire into a dove!
He even stopped children from crying; a true magician!

After the show, we happened to bump into him on the elevator, with his cart-o-props.
O immediately inquired, "How did you make that bunny!?"
He skirted the question, but she just kept asking until the elevator door opened, then he performed a disappearing act!

After several more conversations about the show, she is still not convinced his rabbit is real!

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