Friday, March 13, 2015

Daily Doodle: Eat, Sleep, Sketch!

Eat, sleep, sketch!
In a perfect world, this would be my motto.
Everyone gets food, everyone gets rest and a sketchbook is always close at hand.
I'm trying to draw more often and committing to carrying a sketchbook, as I used to do.
Even if I can sneak in a 1-minute thumbnail a day...
'Daily Doodle' time rarely applies to me, but why shouldn't it?

O caught me taking out said sketchbook on Day 1.
I started to draw her, scribbling quickly as I could, her general form.
As she insisted I add long hair (even longer than she actually has!) and details of her dress and how could I leave out her eyes?...I tried to explain that not all sketches are accurate depictions of reality.
Particularly that 1-minute thumbnail of my fidgeting, smiling, inquisitive, curious daughter.
But isn't that the point?
My sketchbook will be full of little moments, fleeing glimpses of my reality.

Not minutes after O finished being my momentary muse, was she off creating her own sketchbook; a piece of paper folded in half.
She announced she would be drawing me.
Every few minutes, she would turn to study me as I sat nursing her sister, before continuing with her sketch.
When she was finished, this is the portrait she revealed...

A butterfly.
Granted, we were just at the Butterfly Conservatory yesterday.
I was flattered none the less;)

Day Two
O and I found her old sketchbook.
She immediately claimed it, by writing her name on the cover.
(O is pictured in the background sporting a skunk costume!)

Then came her second portrait of me.

And what, you ask, is covering my legs?
Hair. Haha! I laughed out loud!
Messy hair and hairy legs.
This may be a more accurate depiction of reality than the butterfly!

Observational Drawing.

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