Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Daily Doodle: Crayon Transfer

 Scratch Art

Tiny Rotten Peanuts has introduced a Crayon Transfer technique that we will be doing again and again. Actually, our sweet friends sent Rainbow Scratch Art Paper in booklets from Korea (similar to this Melissa & Doug version You can easily omit the prep and purchase ready-made scratch paper!
There is actually an Italian word for it in the art world: sgraffito

We started by prepping a piece of cardboard with a waxy rainbow and covering half of it with black.
This gave O some etching/scratching time while seeing the two effects; the black etchings stand out significantly better with such a strong contrast in the background.

Then we got to work on a transfer sheet.
If I had read Tiny Rotten Peanuts post in depth, I would have made the rainbow stripes closer together.
We folded the sheet in half and O used the edge of a fork to make her mark, before opening a surprise piece of work.

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