Friday, March 27, 2015

Daily Doodle: Bear on Rollerskates

 Fine Lines

During little intermissions in the day, I often give O an open-ended activity like play dough, salt or scented rice. Yesterday I gave her some Sunshine Salt on a baking sheet and she requested a chop stick to go with it.
Then she proceeded to make these dainty designs with the tip of the chop stick.

 Bear on Roller Skates

The next time I turned around, she had drawn what she titled, 'Bear on Rollerskates'
Being a biased mother and all, I thought to myself, this illustration is made for literature!
Plus I envied how children take a tool and turn it into a beautiful piece of art, so naturally!

Then she turned the chopstick on it's side and erased her bear like an Etch-a-Sketch board!

This week, I read about an author I had never heard of, but likely would benefit from getting to know! Keri Smith writes books to destroy! Kind of. 'Wreak this Journal' prompts you to create and then destroy 'Finish This Book' encourages you to take up where she left off, 'How to be an Explorer of the World' suggests ways to keep in touch with life around you.

The Artists Way. I love this book so much, it was on my book list, but I already owned it (it had just been in storage a while!) Cameron takes a gentle approach to opening up the creative side we all have within and examines reasons why people become out of touch with their inner artist.

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