Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Collecting Sap

We have been away so many years (and always chose to come home to Canada in the warmer weather!) we have always missed out on Sap Collecting; a hobby that friends of the family have taken quite seriously.
When the days get warmer and the nights are still cool, the sap starts flowing.
Maple Tree's are tapped and buckets hung.
People arrive bundled up to tromp through the snow and enjoy this very Canadian tradition.

O Posing Pre-collecting

We were fortunate enough to bring sweet friends that were equally as anxious to take part.
Real troopers that they are, headed out early Saturday morning with us for the long drive North.

O & Grandma

 Sugar Shack

While troops are out filling buckets, Mr. B is working hard in the Sugar Shack, keeping the boiler busy with incoming sap.

Boiler working towards 220 Degrees

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