Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunny Origami

 Bunny Babies

Beautiful Bunny tutorial on MoodKids
We swapped out our snowflakes dangling from the branch, in favour of paper rabbits for the Spring.
Though this origami was a little complicated for O (I had to repeat the video tutorial about ten times for myself!), she was intrigued with the bunnies that were hanging, as soon as she saw them when she woke up!
Origami are brain puzzles that involve a mix of math and load of patience!

Once I got the hang of it, they were multiplying as rabbits do!
I made a few of them out of pretty paper from chocolate wrappers!

Origami Paper Packaging

The best part about this amazing 'origami' paper, is you get to eat the contents!
Anna Tolazzi is a local chocolate artisan who sells organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate at our market!
I usually make my choice of chocolate, based on the pretty paper it comes wrapped in!

We combined our Rabbit Wake Up Call, with a delicately designed book Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, by  Il Sung Na
This story could easily be followed by another artistic endeavor, with relentlessly inspiring illustrations!!

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