Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunny Embossing

 Bunny Embossing Plate & Product

Design Mom was contacted by Cheerio's to be creative with their recycled cardboard cereal boxes...and this is what she came up with: homemade embossing plates!?

We had a Bunny Theme going on today, so I opted to create a geometric-style bunny with Daddy's Cheerio box.
We happened to have a notebook of natural paper Framma and Frampa brought back from Cuba, which served as the perfect medium; heavy cardstock quality with plenty of 'give' when wet.
Instead of spraying the paper, we sandwiched it between a wet cloth before placing it over the embossing plate and pressing with our fingers.

O wasn't in the mood, so after one go, she left the rest of the work to me.
Then she got busy creating 'surprise balls' with crepe paper and the natural cardstock, which she wet into balls to be opened tomorrow!

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