Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Birdseed Hearts

Sweet and simple project, from a wedding website? http://www.intimateweddings.com/blog/birdseed-wedding-favor-hearts-easy-and-inexpensive-diy/
We had small birdseed (millet etc.) mixed with big black oil sunflower seed and though the wildlife loves the latter, it was not ideal for this project.
So we took to the ordeal of sifting out the sunflower seeds.

It was a project in itself and showed us how the lighter seed collects on the top when shaken in a sieve (thankfully the lighter seed was the one we were extracting!)

Just before O was about to transfer the discarded sunflower to our trunk chunks outside, Baby C managed to stick her hand in the cup and distribute the seed on the floor:)
Too bad we don't have birds inside;(

We followed the recipe, minus the use of gelatin.
I attempted dissolving agar agar in hot water and allowed it to cool before adding corn syrup.
We also learned that using the wooden skewer to poke threading holes, was more successful while they were still in the mold.

It turned out to be a productive sensory activity that the birds will benefit from (and any ants that can carry around pieces of millet in our kitchen!)

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