Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bird on a Wire: Shadow Puppets

 Shadow Puppets

Taking a note from 'Inner Child Fun', we used our teepee as a pre-made Shadow Puppet Theatre.
We've been doing a bit of a bird theme this week (that I'm sure will run well into every other season of the year). Of all the lovely bird books we've been reading, 'A Funny Little Bird' was requested over and over again throughout the week. 
It's a library loan, so we loved it up as much as possible.

I gave O a simple cut-out shape of the bird featured in the story, who is actually invisible, but the illustrator strategically places objects around the bird so you can envision an outline. Then we used some feathers, ribbon and pipe cleaners to embellish the bird, as she did for herself in the story.

O loves using scissors and never ceases to amaze me when she has a pair at hand!
She manipulates the materials by trimming and slicing for effects, instead of just gluing them as is.
She told me she had to, "trim the feathers and give the bird a haircut each day".
Then she made small snips in the ribbon and wrapped it around the birds neck as a scarf!

Finally, when Baby C woke from nap, we began the show!
We used an extra large flashlight, that turned out to be the literal highlight of the performance!
The strings that hold the teepee together worked well as a 'stage' for the birds to be propped up on.

Artists in Action

This lovely little book is a mix between the creative and the environmental movements. Definitely the inspiration for our Bird Puppets above.

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