Friday, October 3, 2014

The Wrong Way Home

Little Leaf

We were meant to head to the park for a weekly play date.
It called for heavy rains, but the sky was beautiful, in fact, it was an ideal Autumn day with warm breezes, leaves bustling and bursting with colour.
O dressed herself in bright orange leotard, striped shirt and running shoes. 
She was still covered in turquoise chalk dust from working at her mud kitchen; grinding sidewalk chalk into a curry powder tin from Cambodia.
I was hesitant to head out very far from home, since storm clouds were in the distance.
O was hopeful that we would have fun if we went.

Just in time we caught the bus.
Seconds before arriving at our park stop, large drops of rain were smacking the windshield for a moment.
I insisted we stay seated and head homewards, but O insisted we go to the park, no rainboots, no jackets and one tiny pocket umbrella for us three.

We walked through the empty forest park. 
River water was nearly overflowing, geese flying in formation overhead, colourful leaves, pine needles and cones blanketed the ground.
Then, the downpour.
Puddles formed in seconds and O giddily splashed through each one, dismissing my plea's to keep her sneakers dry.
There was no use anyways. 
She had the right idea.

It was a long walk to head back through the park to catch the coming bus. O clung closely, tugging the straps of my carrier, more snuggly than she has been with me in a long time. Baby C nursed quiet and content from her position near my heart, peeking out from under the carrier cover. Her nose hosted a huge droplet of rain!

We decided to take the bus the wrong way home.
We were soaked through in descending order; I acted as a partial shield where the little umbrella could not.
Boarding the bus dripping and smiling, bumping up hills and over highways.
O was giddy to the point of delirium; putting Baby C's spare pants on her head as a 'hap' and keeping her sister and I in tear's with her antics and bouncing eyebrows. 

We were giggling the whole hour ride.
And O was right.
We did have fun.

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