Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sunshine Salt

 Sensory Sunshine

Started our rainy day with some sensory sunshine following this easy recipe for Coloured & Scented Salt

 Jar of Sunshine

We altered our recipe a bit, adding yellow food colouring that resulted in this lemony hue. It wasn't wet, so it could be used immediately. We also added white glitter, but it blended in too well to notice.
We'll keep it stored away for regular use, as it was very popular!


It can be used for letter/number/shape-making practice or as O decided, sensory design!
This evolved into a half hour of play, hitting on several senses; touch, smell & taste...of course!

Scented Rice. We also made a jar of lavender scented rice which we keep in the kitchen. This not only touches on the senses, but promotes a peaceful playtime with it's lovely smell!

Mix & Match. Essentially you could make up several batches of scented rices and salts, combining them for rainbow sensory play.

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