Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Montessori-style Liquid Dropper

Liquid Transfer

Anyone that has observed a child with glue or scissors, knows an activity doesn't have to be overly complicated to keep a child engaged. In fact, some of the simpler set-ups have awarded us with the most quality work/play, while the activities that involve a lot of prep work (on the parents part) are shunned by the child. My guess is we have taken away from some of their creativity by catering the craft in a limited direction. (The teacher cutting all the pieces for an art project that the child simply has to glue together. The average child will be done and moving onto other activities in seconds. The project looks pro and the kids go home saying they did artwork today.)

Liquid transfer can be done with sponges, eye dropper's, spoons, basters and any other tools that can carry out the job!
This easy peasy activity had O working busily alongside her sister, while Baby C was working on the Ball Drop.
Using an eye dropper involved concentration, as O has to learn how to fill the dropper and release into the neighbouring container.

After getting comfortable with transfer, O had many suggestions as to how she was going to switch up the game; use it to feed herself, add spices to the water (and proceed to feed herself), turn the dropper tube around the other way inside the pump.

Colour Coordination. Set up an ice cube tray with coloured water in each of the sections. Mark bowls with coordinating colours. Child may match the colours, or learn how colours combined create another colour.

Dry transfer. You can also use other objects in Dry Trasfer, such as pom poms or eggs (though this might end up a liquid transfer!)

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