Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Montessori-inspired Ball Drop


The simplest of activities can be the most intriguing and rewarding.
Baby C confiscated a take-out cup from her sister the other day.
Then she proceeded to remove the straw and return it to it's tiny hole on the cup lid.
She did this over and over with great precision, while we looked on wide-eyed.

We used an old plastic tub with lid to make her this ball drop. 
My dear friend Miss A showed us the original Pom Pom drop, but Baby C would love to eat pom poms, so we opted for ping pong balls. 
This time around I made the hole large enough that the balls could fall out if turned upside-down.


After the first time watching me shake the container, Baby C filled it up and tried shaking them out herself.

Then she got comical and pretended her hand was stuck!

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