Wednesday, October 15, 2014

H20 Science

 Slice the Ice

We worked on three of the five experiments using water.
I always appreciate projects that only require simple tools from around the house.

Slice the Ice
This one was not successful for us.
We started by using dental floss (instead of the suggested fishing line) and two large beads.
When this wasn't working, we subbed in some thin thread.
Ice was melting but not slicing.
We decided we would try heavier weights next time.

 Pencil Poke

Pencil Poke
This was a huge success and deemed everyone's favourite experiment of the three.
The laws of polymer science in action.
I love the pictures of O's first and second attempts.
Her facial expressions sum it up; wonder & excitement versus confidence!
This experiment reminded me of a video we watched about How to Make Hot Air Balloons
More specifically, the fabric engineered to accommodate pesky punctures.

Water Harmonica

Water Harmonica
An oldie but goodie, this experiment was also a hit (no pun intended!)
A mini lesson in sound waves and vibrations.

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