Thursday, October 9, 2014

Backyard Balance Beam

 Balance Beams

There are some myths generated about home schooled children.
The first being they will lack socialization skills.
However, most families will attest that their children are more skilled at communicating with people of all ages from birth to elderly, rather than simply their own age group. 
Their 'classroom' includes a wide variety of people.

The second myth being they will lack physical skills.
This may be due to the assumption that their teaching parents do not account for body activity in their schedules.
Conversely, most of the day is about movement and lack of confinement.

One of the draws for home schooling families is the recognition that learning is happening all the time, not necessarily under the direction of a teacher and absolutely not confined to a chair. Opportunities in life to develop our minds, social skills and physical body are naturally present. Every. Single. Day.
How much we exercise opportunity depends largely on a persons character, in school or out.

The beauty of home school is the amount of freedom permitted to the naturally inquisitive, curious and creative child.

Rather than pigeon-holing a child as athletic, musical or gifted with a high IQ, there is an acceptance that we are who we are. That can be a combination of talents and change on a regular basis as we grow; child and adult alike.

The key is not to quell natural curiosity by confinement.
The goal is acceptance in abundance.

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