Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dancing Apple Seeds

 Breakfast Science

We added a little Breakfast Science to the start of the day with this Dancing Apple Seed magic trick!

In order to get the seeds to really move, we added loads more lemon juice and then enjoyed the show!

Vegan Bites: Homemade Apple Butter

Apple Butter

After our orchard trip, O noticed a large jar of apple butter for sale.
We opted to try making it ourselves.

Most recipes required slow cookers, but we found a stovetop method from Gluten-free on a Shoestring http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/homemade-apple-butter/
In place of salt, we added a good spoon of baking soda, as the store-bought versions use.

Ours turned out more like a glorified apple sauce. 
A little longer on the stove might have aided the 'carmalization' process.
Good nonetheless. 
How wrong can you go with apples and maple syrup?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn & Apples

 Beautiful Day at the Orchard

A lovely day at the orchard with our big cousin M!
No need for words;) 
Photo-story time!

Thank-you Brantview! http://www.brantviewapples.com/

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gaze & Wonder

Gaze & Wonder

There is something to be said for peaceful presence.
Allowing yourself and your children time for quiet and unscheduled activity.

Stop the Glorification of Busy. http://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2013/07/parenting-picks-stop-glorification-of.html

Sculptural Hand Dish

Baby Hands

With some leftover clay from Baby C's party and an amazing project courtesy of A Beautiful Mess http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/03/make-your-own-sculptural-hand-dish.html
we got to preserving these lovely little baby hands belonging to my children.
I love all bits of my children, but I admire their little hands constantly!
What potential lies in those hands.

O's Handprint

O will stay put for a quick trace and the clay was so soft, a toothpick easily made the mark, as well as imprinted the fingers.


We used the inside of a bowl to mold a gentle curve of the hand.

Baby C however, does not stay put for hand-tracing.
We had to improvise....
...first a playdough imprint...

...then careful cutting and tracing.

Mini Mama's Dolly Love


Baby C, like any mama, was in her own world and enjoying her baby.
She caught me taking photos, but it didn't deter her from giving her baby love!

She proceded to 'dress' baby, rock baby and kiss baby!


Fall Felt Garland

 Felt Leaves

Seeking to add a little Autumn element to our home, I chanced upon this post of a lovely little felt garland from A Beautiful Mess http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/09/fall-leaves-garland-diy-project-.html
With loads of felt on hand, there was no purchase necessary, so we got straight to work.

 Sensory Sleep

Little did I know this would double as a sensory activity for Baby C who loves, loves, loves to cuddle on the floor! As soon as she noticed the felt falling to the ground, she hopped on and laid down her head!

 In and Out

We used large needles and embroidery thread. Since O is a beginner, it's great to find simple sewing projects like this. She was learning to sew in and out and wanted to do 'sew' completely on her own, sans instructions. So I set up shop beside her and kept my mouth shut;)

I've been reading about "Holding/keeping the Space" while our children work and play alongside us. 
The point is to be doing an activity of your own liking, in the presence of your child(ren), but an activity in which you can remain interacting with your child (meaning a phone conversation, book or TV show does not apply here. They know when your mind is missing, as most parents can attest to.)
Hand-sewing and knitting are good examples of this since you can carry on with your handiwork, while keeping your mind/body present. Children can join in on your activity if they're interested or continue to play in their own realm with you completely available. 

 Spreading out the leaves

O is at a personal point where she is interested in sewing and handiwork.

Mama: "Did it prick you yet?"
O: "Yeah, Lots of times!"

The results were simple and sophisticated;)

More Garlands. Another pretty project that would be easy for little hands. Including the ever-trendy pom poms.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Party in the Park

It's my birthday!

The day started and ended with rain, but there was a whole lot of sunshine in the middle!

Webster's Fall's Mid-morning

Follow the Blue Ribbon

Pack and Pull

Arriving at the park early, with all our totes in tow and the birthday babe asleep in the car, gave us some time to reserve the gazebo and set-up for the festivities.
We did bring our trusty wagon, which Daddy made good use of!

...and almost ran over a lady exiting the Porta-Potty!


When we had O's 'First time in Canada' party, we used the same park, but didn't take advantage of the great gazebo. The weather called for sun between 10 and 6, but we set up under the shelter anyways.

Carrying the Cat

The Birthday Babe awoke and enjoyed her fill of rock-eating prior to guests arriving!

Tree Hugger

Every year we do basically the same games.

Candy-Guess Jar
Pin-the-hat-on-the-Birthday Babe

This year we opted for a few new games too.
Most kids would pick and choose which games interested them, but every child was up for Clay Faces.

Pagan Clay Faces

I happened upon this activity while browsing the agenda for Enlands 2014 Just So Festival.
It's completely simple using all-natural materials and 100% imagination. Daddy mentioned this is actually a Pagan ritual marking territory.
The total cost was $4 worth of clay.

O's Clay Baby

'Stinky Poo' by Max

Self Portrait by Ben

'Sugar Berry' by Sophia

'Optimus Prime' by David Jr.

Charlotte's Hands On

Instead of Bobbing for Donuts (hanging Donuts from the tree to see who can finish first), we subbed in dried apple rings.

Final Countdown

It was tricky to finish, so when kids walked away, O did the honours!

Time for Cake

Baby C had a prime front row seat for her song and cake.

...and her Big Sis blew out the candle.

Butterfly Face Paint

The lovely Miss A brought her talent and face paint!

We always opt for the 'Funny Foto Booth' and these pics always turn out to be the best of the bunch!
A simple backdrop and a few props.

Sibling Love!

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

It was a sunny autumn afternoon of celebrations and only rained when we pulled into our house that evening!
Thanks to family and friends for a fantastic first birthday!