Sunday, September 22, 2013


In all of our years in Shanghai, we have yet to see a rainbow.

We brought home our baby Charlotte yesterday...and look what was outside of our window;)
We have quite the little miracle on our hands;)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello Charlie: Charlotte has arrived!


 Into waiting arms, we welcome...
Charlotte Ava

Life lives in the details...

Love lives in this family...

 Babies love boobies...

 Big Sister loves baby...
Mommy is in her element...

Thank-you for coming safely to us, Baby Lottie

Friday, September 6, 2013

Vegan Bites: Sunflower Sushi

 Horray for Hippie Food

When I met my husband 12 years ago this Fall, I was working in health foods.
He came in to buy a cookie...which pretty much sums us up!

Back then, my co-worker used to make a fabulous Sunflower Paste for veggie Nori Rolls (sushi).
Since I couldn't remember or find the exact recipe, we made up a version that turned out nearly as good and had us running out to get more sunflower seeds!
This recipe is 100% raw (and 100% hippie!)

Note: for lack of Hemp Seeds we subbed in Chia Seeds; "The Aztec Wonder Food."

 Chia Seeds

Sunflower Paste
~1 cup raw sunflower seeds, (soak for 4-6 hours)
~1/2 clove garlic
~1 thumb-sized knob ginger, juiced
~salt, to taste (or miso paste)
~1/2 T cumin
~1/2 T paprika
~1-3 T Chia Seeds
~1 T tahini
~olive oil
Blend all ingredients, adding olive oil as necessary for thick paste.

 Sunflower Paste

 Nori Sheets

Plain, toasted or seasoned Nori Sheets are readily available at groceries, East & West.
1) Fold and tear sheet in half to dress & roll.

2) Spread Sunflower Paste on lower portion of Nori Sheet (leaving a strip of seaweed to seal roll.)

2) Add veg as desired (shred or julienned, depending on desired 'crunch' factor)

3) Add lettuce, leafy greens, sprouts, or fresh herbs (dill & cilantro!)
Extra yummy bits;
~toasted pumpkin seeds
~sesame seeds
~Japanese pickled plum
~Takuan pickled daikon radish

4) Roll & slice.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Herbs & Child Gone Wild


After our appointment with the midwife, we headed over to the Hongqiao Flower Market. 
If you ask O, all we bought were stickers.
But we did get a good look at crickets, turtles, fish, pomegranate/pomelo/lemon tree's. 
We also picked up a mint plant and some cilantro seeds.

  Here are my poor cilantro seeds....being 'watered' or 'drowned.'

 Basil invaded our Fairy Garden

Yummy Enough to Eat!

After thoroughly watering my cilantro seeds, O thought it would help to add some sprigs of rosemary.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Blue Belly
Sister Love

Love multiplies.

This baby, soon-to-arrive, has not received the calm and quiet 'womb time' that O was graced with.
A part of me worried that was a bad thing.
This baby definitely has the advantage of something that O would never experience, coming into the world.
Instead of two people waiting to love and adore baby...there is now three of us, chomping at the bit to see, hold and shower this baby with all the attention s/he could ever hope for...

Love is not being divided. It's definitely multiplying.