Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boobie Beads

Beads that save the Boobs

For mothers nursing toddlers, a bead necklace might be your new best friend.
Toddlers hands are just as busy as their minds. This applies to nursing as much as to playtime.
I had been aching for some turquoise pop in my wardrobe, so as it turned out, the purchase had only pluses for me!
Now, I can liven up clothes and keep my toddlers hands busy while nursing!

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but nursing mothers have curious kids the world over . You can buy a nursing necklace (some are even teething baby-friendly!) in most trendy little places that sell baby goods! Playful & Pretty links below!
Nursing Necklace Co.

Toddler Tales: Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy!

There are many things in the course of a day that I must say and not realize, until it comes out of my toddlers mouth!

When we were gardening this week, she took her rolling pin and used it as a cane, whilst calling herself "ole man". 
Then, clear as day, she started cackling, "Sonny Boy!"

Seriously? Where does she get these things?

UPDATE: On the weekend, we were walking down the street when Olivia pointed out a "Sonny Boy"; an old man with a cane!

Felt Board

 Blank Canvas
Story Board

O has a regular bunch of toys that are always available.
Then we have totes full of Waldorf & Montessori-inspired activities that get rotated in our basket market DISCOVERY.

When I am not rushing through the day, I remember to put something new and interesting into the basket for O to take a look at. Last week, I introduced this Medieval-themed felt board a former student gave me.  O LOVED that it was introduced on an art easel like a blank canvas (though the art easel quickly turned into a cane for a game of 'Sonny Boy!' so we had to roll with that!)

When O noticed how I was placing the knights on the board and giving them 'character' she jumped right in! The first thing she did was take the long sword and declared it a 'shot'! So Medieval Times turned into Doctors Office!
And this is how it goes with the basket of DISCOVERY!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Toddler Tales: Talk

This week I was reading something quietly to myself, but I was reading aloud.
O looked up at me, "Talking self, Mom?"

How can it be that this kid is not even two yet!?

this moment

"no words, just a single moment this week. a moment i want to remember."
A Friday blog along ritual, inspired by SouleMama

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Science of Bubble-Making

 Stir it up, Little Darlin'
Whisk bubbles

My bubble-making skills are weak.
I have tried several concoctions to re-fill our bubble wands, including water, glycerine and dish soap but none have been very successful.
This morning, I dumped all previous attempts into a bowl and started pouring in the dishsoap.
This worked.
My scientific recipe is non-existent, but in the process of stirring the concoction with a tiny whisk, O and I discovered that the whisk works as a wand!
Now we will have to experiment with what other household objects could serve as wands???

Hula Hoop Bubble Wands. Try this at home

"Blue Babies" Ice

Ice Age Fruit

Drop berries into ice cube tray.
Happy, happy teethers & toddlers.

Mix it up for colour or counting lessons.

'Ice' cavation. A fellow blogspotter mom recently posted a brilliantly simple summer activity; freezing small toys in water. Offer tools to spark idea's of ways to get to the object in the center.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Love of Language

O enthralled

O likes her books.
Since a small little thing, she could turn pages, enjoy pictures and loved listening to rhyme.
We are book collectors, so she is definitely surrounded by options. Oftentimes, I find her sitting by herself, enthralled.
I am not eager for her to learn to read. I love the fact that she has learned to enjoy books despite the fact that she cannot yet read them.

Free Books at home! Recently we found a website that offers free books to read & give online. 
"Read a book. Give a book." 
O's favourite is the featured Skippyjon Jones collections! 

Make-Your-Own Book. Using sites like Shutterfly you can create your own book from family photos. Pinterest gave us the idea to create a Toddlers Alphabet Book.The formatting options available could lead to other theme books: Eye Spy, Colours, Numbers, Feelings etc.

Be an Author. Storybird has hundreds of artists illustrations to rev your creative engines. You can read others work, create your own story with preloaded pictures and even print your completed versions. Fabulous option for older kids who love writing stories (or parents who keep pining to be published!)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Toddler Tales; Boobies

Beaches & Boobies

Good morning conversation in bed.
Mama: "Good morning Olivia! Did you have a good sleep?"
O: "Mmm Hmm."
Mama: "What did you dream about?"
O: "Oceans. Boobies. Mama's boobies."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Toddler Tales; CHEEEEZE

Super Cheese

Children in China get their photos taken. A lot.
Foreign kids in China get their pictures taken by random strangers. Daily.
O seems to be used to this and poses as soon as a camera is pointed in her direction.
Usually, as long as the photographer and friends do not attempt to pick her up, Dabby and I allow camera time. Occasionally, we have to cut the session short, pick her up and walk away.

Now that O is getting to be a big girl, she has shown us she is quite capable of speaking up for herself.
Saturday, two passerby's found us strolling in the park forest.
Out came their camera.
O started to smile (as seen above.)
O: "CHEEEEEEZE. BYE BYE!" she said all in one breath.
And she walked away.

this moment

"no words, just a single moment this week. a moment i want to remember."
A Friday blog along ritual, inspired by SouleMama

Vegan Bites: Pizza Picnic

 O in the dough
Daddy chopping rosemary & sundried tomatoes

O talks about pizza ALL of the time!
She has never even really had pizza, but ate Dabby's pizza crust once. Now, she is all about knocking at doors to pay the 'delivery person' for 'pizza' (and 'strawberry juice!')

Saturday we finally found yeast in Shanghai.
So it was time to make our own pizza.
My mom used to make this for my sister and I as kids. It was by far my favourite.

Pizza Dough
~1 1/2 cups tepid water
~1 (500g) package dry yeast
~1/2 t salt
~1-2 t favourite dried herbs
~3-3 1/2 cups flour
Whisk water and yeast until dissolved. Whisk in salt & herbs.
Stir in flour (starting with 3 cups and adding more if it is too sticky) and knead. Let rise in warm place for 20 minutes. Knead and rise 10 minutes more. 
Roll onto pizza pan sprinkled with flour.
Add toppings and bake 30-40 minutes.

Since O has dairy allergies, we topped hers with veggies and omitted the cheese. 
She didn't seem to care!
We packed up a picnic blanket and headed to the park.