Thursday, February 9, 2012

Soybeans are for Swimming

Soy Sea
Splendidly stacked soybeans
Sticky rice

Colourful bowls of fun!
This week, the lovely Mama of Olivia's all-time best buddies, gave us the heads up on the fun of soybeans. So today we added the versatile bean to our sensory box. Apparently soybeans are for swimming because Olivia literally dove in and started a doggy paddle! I was amazed at how they kept her afloat on their 'conveyor belt'! This hardy little bean packs a punch; truly fabulous for more than milk & tofu! When I tipped the tub to collect them at one end, they actually stacked neatly into a beaded carpet! Beautiful!

If soybeans are for swimming , than rice is for resisting! Olivia LOVED having little grains stick to her hands, so she could lick them off. What I was not able to recover, stayed firmly between her top and bottom teeth. For the entire afternoon, she would stand beneath me and look up, chewing away; reminding me that I had missed a piece and she was thoroughly enjoying it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gallery Girls

Olivia & the optical illusion; glass & mirrors
Down, down, down

Little person decided to enjoy the bubble light show on her bum

Bitter, bitter winter we are having in Shanghai.
Canada has sent their snow our way this year!

One of big city Shanghai's best qualities is their baby-friendly atmosphere, so we took full advantage and off to the art gallery we went! It was all ours on this particular Wednesday morning and Olivia made the most of it's vast (running) spaces and creative lighting complimenting the current exhibit (see bubble light show!)

This isn't somewhere I would normally consider an interesting outing for a toddler, but she had a great time discovering the new space (and this particular gallery has all kinds of creative corners, walls and floor spaces), sounds and lighting.
The exhibit itself was more for mama!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

L.O.V.E Day

Linen on cotton

Cheating heart!

Little bit of love is on it's way to Grandpadres back in the West.
We ditched the cards this year and made Valentine's bookmarks. We hear Gramps is reading more now that cottage reno's are complete and he has a little R&R time on his hands.

Now going into this easy peasy activity I had good intentions to use Olivia's mini fingerprints to make the center heart. However my DD had other intentions and as soon as I painted her fingertip red (giggle, giggle; she's ticklish on her fingertips!) she made a fist. We tried a few times but it always resulted in red everywhere, but on the linen!

Okay, so I cheated. I painted my baby finger and filled in the rest of the heart with a paintbrush.
And as I was doing this vowed I would not be the mom who takes over her science projects!

Spill the Beans

Household tools for a happy baby!

One by one!

Beans & Babe

I have been reluctant to spill the beans.
Olivia loves to put everything but food in her mouth, so I have avoided certain sensory play activities because I really hate hearing myself nagging (though my husband would tell you he doesn't think that is the case!)
But last week I caved and spilled the beans..finally.
As it turns out, I am glad I did.
Both Olivia and I enjoyed a solid twenty-minutes of playtime, not one of which she ate a single bean.

Up until this past weekend we only had a small tote, which she happily gets herself into with or without enticing! I poured the beans in the middle of her legs and they made a fabulous tinkling sound on the tote floor! Olivia LOVES noises and thinks everything is music! The child dances to the washing machine, pepper mill grinding and daddy scratching his hairy legs! From there on in, it was Bean Heaven, tinkering on tin bowls, slapping with silver spoons, pouring, sticking between toes, good, plain sensory fun for pennies!

There are so many inspirational mommies out there, finding easy ways to make the most of childs play. You can check out some amazing Sensory Box Ideas and other activities on The Imagination Tree & TinkerLab.