Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stormy Sea's

An oldie (photo), but goodie; the puke roll!

One thing I have overlooked as a co-sleeping family is a mattress protector.
There is a reason that they market them for cribs, but what about the family who forfeited the crib for a family bed?
Soggy sleeps when stormy stomachs arise!
Fever and flu bug's have made their merry way into our house. With them come a host of sleepless nights and many changes of clothes and sheets. A little crib mattress protector would not have sufficed. This baby had been nursing since the moment her temperature climbed and returned all of that milk once we nestled all snug in our bed!

To all dear co-sleeping families without mattress protectors, hopefully my mistake can save your bed!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, what little gifts d' you have for me?

My mom gets a chuckle out of reminiscing about our early Christmas trees. My sister and I wanted to decorate with them and as a result, the majority of ornaments were crowded around the bottom of the tree;)

This is Olivia's second Christmas. Last year she was only 20 days old, so there were lots of other things to concern ourselves with, rather than tree safety.
On Sunday, we placed all of our plush ornaments are around the bottom of the tree.
At least they 'were'. Most are hiding in random places now!

Bears Wears

Big & Baby BBaby & Big Bear enjoying fashionable outerwear!

If you haven't noticed by my recent posts, dolls and bears are coming in handy around our house these days. Olivia LOVES copying, but HATES getting dressed.
So, Big & Baby are getting their winter wears on.
It is no coincidence that soon after they are being undressed because someone else wants to try!

Nose Frida

Olivia giving Nose Frida a run!
Mommy cleaning out Dolly's nostrils. Granted, not much came out!
Very lovely friends went Stateside and returned to Shanghai with Nose Frida.
When Miss Olivia is cutting teeth, the first sign is a stuffy nose=very unhappy times.
We used to sit in the bathroom with the shower running every time she wanted to nurse, which led to up to a week at a time in the bathroom!
Nose Frida was not originally a welcome member of our household, but with a little cleaning of dolly's sinuses, Frida has gained permission to stay:)

Friday, December 9, 2011

oh happy day!

Little Miss One-Year Old
ONE! So much fun!
First Birthday Morning
Grandma sent Mama's childhood dollie to be loved all over again!
She passed up her cupcakes, but never passes up a chance for milk!
Hard to imagine our little Olivia has turned into a wobbling little one-year old!
By far the most amazing year of our lives, we hope one of the many to come for her!
There is no love quite like this;)
Happy Birthday, Olivia Grace!