Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Move 'Em Out

Olivia moving boxes:)
Assignment: Survive the move & learn from your baby how to enjoy the process

If I wake up Sunday in a nice, new king-sized bed, beside my sleeping daughter and handsome husband..then I know I will have survived what top's my list of least favourite things to do:
move house.
Since the seven years Adam and I have lived together, we've rented seven apartments in four different cities and two (vastly different!) countries. This apartment will be number eight.

But this marks the first move with a babe in tow.

And so far, Olivia LOVES moving. She loves moving boxes, emptying boxes, pushing boxes around the house, being pushed in boxes around the house. It's like a big, indoor playground!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Many months of chomping for this major milestone!
Assignment: Celebrate the arrival of a tiny tooth & the miracle of surviving a few sleepless nights

So, today ends the knawing of cold, raw carrots and eggplants that Olivia has been happily rubbing her gums against these past few months. (Child can seriously mangle an eggplant with gums alone!)

A few sleepless nights, a few shorter naps, extra drool, some seriously strong raspberry-blowing, some very uncharacteristic days and voila; her first little toothipeg:)

Now what to do about the previously adorable chin nibbling?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Like a Duck to Water

Little Miss Duckie Armstrong beats Shanghai's summer heat...
Going for the gold! (with Dada close behind!)

Tags & Toys

Slobber-worthy tags...Mmm Mmm!

If you're not yet a mother,
Let me save you from the bother.
For your babe, there is no other
better toy than tags:)

...and tupperware (especially filled up with noisemakers), waterbottles (with condensation makes for a nice licking station), remote controls (no batteries required, just buttons), totes (very versatile as a table, car, push toy, soccer goal, hiding space!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Steps

No stopping this baby!
Assignment: Learning that 'Baby Steps' are actually for parents

Olivia is learning to crawl; slowly but surely the day is near.
I watch as she props herself on hands and knees.
Rocks back and forth.
Eyes fixated ahead.
A milestone for the wee.

What a milestone for me!
I was just getting used to her rolling over!
Surely, she is further ahead and more prepared.
I am still soaking up Olivia while attempting to remain part of the wide world.
Not doing a proficient job of the latter.
She is intoxicating.

Yesterday a fellow mother mentioned very poignantly;
We bring children into our world but essentially they are introducing us to theirs.

Baby steps, Mama.
Take a breath and put one foot in front of the other...
(my husband is still trying to get me to leave the bedroom after she falls asleep!)