Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Am a Swim-Out Bar

Pre-bath. Contemplating snacktime!
Assignment: Learning your function in baby's world

I am a swim-out bar.
Bath-time means two things to Olivia, neither of which is getting clean:)
1. Splashing is fun.
2. Free open-bar (a.k.a. Milk-on-tap).

A month ago, Olivia was been happily kicking about like a frog during our bath-time and suddenly got her snack on:)
Because I could not help but laugh, I did.

Now she does it with a big grin and raised eyebrows, as if to say,
"Look Mama, I'm being funny again!"

And she gets the same response every time:)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Simply irresistible!

Assignment: Simplify life (in as few words as possible:)

Less toys.
More noise.

Less mess.
Less stress.

Less choring.
Less boring.

Clean Earth.
More worth.


Make the most of what you already have.
Talents (or lack thereof. Baby is your most forgiving audience!)

Babyhood comes but once a lifetime.
Relish in it's magic.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Case of the Curiosities

Hmm, if only I could remove this thing...
Assignment: Practice patience & encouragement in the face of curiosity

Olivia has the healthiest case of curiosity I have ever seen.
In anyone, let alone a 6-month old babe.
Hubby and I are trying to avoid discouraging her natural sense of wonder combined with spicy determination, mostly by how we avoid negatively labeling her attributes.
'Nosy' becomes 'curious'.

I am an artist, an adventurer and true believer in being yourself no matter what.

Now the test is, do I have the courage to support these tendencies in the one I hold most dear?
When I take the time to see how these qualities have served me; the places I have been and things I have learned, there is no question. Part of good mothering is valuing your child for exactly who she is.

I just have to remind myself when her hand is in my cereal bowl while she screeches in my ear and bites my nose...
(I guess another part of good mothering is to offer an alternative to the nose-biting bit:)

D Day

Me & D
Sending a wee shout-out to my husband and Baby Daddy on his very first D Day:)
We know we are not always the easiest girls to live thank goodness we are irresistible:)

Love you lots & always
Your girls, Mama & Olivia xox

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who Me? Couldn't Be!

Assignment: Learning about the person in the mirror

You look at yourself, like you're somebody else.
Little do you know.
That face that you see, is a baby as wee.
And together we watch her grow...

Social Bug

Miss Olivia with her striped buddy, BlaBla Bug.

Assignment: Observe how baby is a natural social bug

Six months Saturday past.
Roaring through the first year like the little Tiger Baby that she is.
Life is a party and if there is one going on, she self-skips her nap, as if not to miss a moment.

Even when it is just her and I, she always finds a way to connect; a tug at my hair, pinch of my skin, the 'attention-seeking' cough that never gets old...a hand on my arm.
Always making her presence known.

We hold her close, despite friendly criticism that she will not become independent.
The opposite has occurred; she feels safe, loved and explores EVERYTHING.
She's a happy kid.
Natural little social bug.
Six months old.