Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Race of the Turtles

Pictured above are Olivia & Miss A, movin' and a shakin'.
Little Miss A can do the downward dog with one leg up!
Now that, my friends, is style!

Assignment: Learning to look for signs of baby moving on in her own unique way!

Yes Mama.
She is moving on.
No longer happy just bouncing away the afternoon on your knee.
She wants to explore the great, wide world around her.

The beautiful thing about baby starting to move, is they each learn their own way.
With serious determination.
Poignant actually, for life itself; finding our own way.
Much like I am muddling my way through motherhood.

She wants to move.
She props herself high on her hands.
Nods her head like a chicken.
Flaps her arms like a bird!
No one showed her this.
Or how to roll.
(Or how to squawk, though if you ask my husband, he will surely tell you that she sounds "just like her mother!")

In her own way, in her own time.
Smart little things.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Roll With It

This picture happens to be one of my faves!
Assignment: Learning how to live with puke.

If you were not a fan of baby puke before baby, you may find it just becomes part of your day as the parent of wee.

Conversations with my husband have taken an interesting twist.

"Is this puke on the hand towel,"
Adam calls from the bathroom.
"It could be oatmeal," I reply.
"But it might be puke.
It`s probably puke."

Actually the more I think about it, the more I am sure the probability is high.
I laugh to myself because the chances are good he wiped his hands anyways.
You can only do so many loads of wash a day before you stop caring about a little puke here and there.

Bra. (Kid has incredible aim power.)

At work midday, Adam receives this picture in his email from me.
The one posted here.
Olivia has learned to roll.
Not only has she learned how to roll. She has learned how to roll into her own puke.
Naturally, I take a picture.

I can hear both Adam and I giggling at our computers at opposite ends of Shanghai.

Ah, puke.
We are so proud of the little tyke:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Post Pregnancy Brain

Assignment: Dealing with 'pregnancy brain', post pregnancy

When I was pregnant, I was cool as a cucumber.
I mellowed out to focus on keeping positive and sharp for the little. mysterious person growing inside.

Then Olivia arrived.

I could see people's lips moving but had no idea what was being said.
Not a clue.
When she laid on my chest for the very first time, I experienced my first bout of so-called 'pregnancy brain'. None of those insightful books mention that this phenomenon may arrive post pregnancy. And stick around!

It is like my only connection to Planet Earth are her immediate needs.
When she is hungry, had enough, about to get sick, needing to play or rest.
I leap before she lets out a peep.
I sway in sync with the other mothers in the room swaddling their wee.
My mouth moves while my mind wanders; nap, eat, poop, play, change, cuddle, kiss (never in any predictable order...lots of the latter.)
I have regressed in a profound way!

My old and organized brain is MIA.

I have to read the same line of a book four times before it registers.
My husband has to repeat most of what he says if he wants me to respond.
Things that once seemed very straightforward have all gone to pots.

Yesterday morning, I tried to arrange for a family gathering in a United States park.
We are Canadian.

In the afternoon, I was confused as to why I could not call an agency in Beijing with Hong Kong area codes.

Last night, I asked my husband the temperature.
"18 degrees hot or cold?" I questioned.
To which, he did not know what to say.

Note: these are only yesterdays examples:)

People who once received a Christmas card from China will have to wait until Spring.
The baby has arrived and that is all the mother knows.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

In celebration...

Assignment: Celebrating Mother's Day (my 32nd & my 1st)

To my mother...
who despite all trials and tribulations, loves me for who I am.

To my daughter...
whom I thank for giving me the honour of being her mama.
You're a privilege, Olivia.

I love you both.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Like Laughing in Church

Assignment: Learning to communicate quietly

Not that long ago, I came across an article about a fellow co-sleeping family where the husband and wife felt like secretive teenagers whispering to one another in bed, for fear of waking the wee that sleeps between them.

I often think about that article, in the wee hours of the evening as my husband and I are using our limited sign language to communicate across our sleeping babe.
Or how we hold in our laughter when a loud noise explodes out of her behind, astonished it was made by our sweet, little angel and not one of us!
Or how we have mastered the ability to be whacked full on in the face by a 5-inch arm, mid-sleep without one peep, just a giant smile.
Or the first time she giggled in her sleep, the way we looked over at each other, knowing that our hearts had fully melted with that little sound...
She is helping us learn the art of silent communication.

And then....
In the morning, when a chubby hand rests on my face and a happy baby stares me in the eyes, there simply are no words needed.

The Poop Phenomenon

There is a strange occurrence,
That happens with her poo.
She decides to let that sucker out,
When the diaper is freshly new.