Saturday, April 30, 2011

Funny Bunny

Hoppy First Easter, Wascally Wabbit;)

The first time Dada and I heard Olivia giggle in her sleep will be etched in my memory forever;)
A baby's laugh is the sweetest sound on earth!

Here she is on Easter Day, laughing away mid-slumber again.
Big thanks to Gram Gram for 'going the extra miles' to be with us;)

Baby Boa

Assignment: Be amused by baby's similarities to wildlife;)

We're convinced Olivia has no idea she is a human baby.
Bird calls make her flap her arms with excitement.
Her cheeks & little 'paws' remind us of a chipmunk.
She smiles delicately until you get close to her mouth and she opens like a snapping turtle!
The most recent nickname she has acquired is Boa.
Anything that crosses her legs, gets trapped;)
Pictured: Dada's victim arm;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breast Friend

Assignment: Buy a nursing pillow for its many uses. None of which involve nursing.

Olivia is a nursing junkie.
Such a pro in fact, she nurses about twenty times in twenty four hours since the day she was born.
We found the biggest nursing pillow we could get our hands on.
We have used it once for nursing.

1. It became a great baby prop for dreaded tummy time.
2. It works as a 'cave', where Olivia sits to admire its swirly designs when cranky comes a calling.
3. She hunches over inside its 'hug' to catch wiggling toes.
4. When we were all sick and exhausted, it made a cozy cradle (it successfully holds up mama while mama holds up congested baby and everybody sleeps!).

Mama's, even if you don't plan on nursing, consider buying the pillow.
We see it having a valuable future in our family:)

(Pictured: Livie with her beloved swirls in the background)