Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non-Nighttime Nursery

Assignment: Ditch the nursery for a Family Bed

I paint.
For a living.

My daughters nursery?
My favourite one yet.
Where does she sleep?
Our bed;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boobies on Loan

Learning how to take your 'boobies' for real.

To my husbands great dismay; these 'fun bags' were not designed for him.
As it turns out, they have real purpose; I can actually feed a small human with their help.
There is seriously a new found fascination with breasts in our household since Olivia's arrival.
They squirt.
They leak.
They change shape.
They make milk.
Quite a cool invention.
And the baby that comes with the package has a built-in alarm system when her tank is running empty.
Alarm sounds.
Drop all current projects and bring out the boobies.

Thought I might as well start this new blog with a doozie like boobies.
Finding a theme picture was the real challenge!
(sometimes dada's nose is mistaken for a nipple, as seen above!)