Monday, April 23, 2018

Sci Fri: Solar Powered Plants

Super simple science at it's best.

We noticed our seedlings were leaning towards the sun, so we decided to turn the tables.

Five days later, they were facing the Southern windows once more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Almost Two

What does one do when they're almost two...

Snuggle Dollies
 Hide, Obviously
 Contemplate Life
 Sing Opera
 'Borrow' Bikes Human Lego Chair
Melt his Mother

Wander-ful Wednesday: Wet


Wet Wednesday

The Ordinary Princess

Absolutely not one for promoting princess books, 'The Ordinary Princess' literally jumped off the shelf at me and sounded exactly like the type of title I would favour.
Written by M. M Kaye in 1980 and read in two days flat, I will now be on a mad search for everything and anything else written by this author.
Highly recommended for fellow-anti-princess parents.

"...but the gifts that the fairies gave them took up no room at all, for the sort of presents they give do not need to be packed in boxes."

"...but the fairy gifts had been very useful, for though she was ordinary, she possessed health, wit, courage, charm and cheerfulness. But because she was not beautiful, no one ever seemed to notice these other qualities, which is so often the way of the world."

"Doing things you aren't supposed to do always seems more fun than doing things you are."

Plant Prints

A particular little brother took an early nap today, so we broke out the 'real' paint (aka acrylic!)
Meaning we also broke out the painting aprons;)
Using two shades of green for colour, we cut celery, lemon, bok choy and potatoes as 'plant stamps'.

We started with Process Art (creating for the joy of creating).
Then once we got the hang of print-making, we pumped out some pretty product.

For anyone that loves art and often looks for more natural materials, this book is a keeper.
We've borrowed it far too many times for it not to be on our Wish List!

Sand & Shell Sensory Play

Keeping with the weeks theme of Earth/Nature, we offered up a morning sensory table of shells, fossils, coral and kinetic sand. Big hit, all ages!

Math Monday: Size Up a Tree

In honour of Earth Day this Sunday, we spent Math Monday learning how to estimate tree height.
We have estimated the age of a tree in the past, but this time, we had to approximate it's height and crown size using only a 12" ruler and our steps!

According to 'The Big Book of Nature Activities' (Monkman & Rodenberg), if you hold a 12" ruler at arms length and walk as far away as allows the base of the tree to brush the bottom of the ruler and the top-most branch to touch the top of your ruler, then count your paces back to the tree (assuming you measure how long your paces are in feet) it will work out to the approximate height.
This Red Maple was 50 kids paces, which we measured were about 1' steps.
To measure the crown requires two kids standing opposite each other, under the furthest-most branch. They then count their paces between the two, to estimate crown diameter.

Mr. M had the all important job of carrying the popcorn, but there was a catch.
No spilling.

We also noted the unusual wildlife hibernating in the lilac bushes after the complicated math lesson!