Thursday, June 8, 2017

Vegan Bites: Kindness Cake

No need to pretend otherwise, Kindness Cake was born of brownie cravings!
However, we worked it seamlessly into our theme of empathy and kindness, by including little love notes at the last bite!
Perfectly by chance, I ran across this article yesterday, '5 Ways Parents Can Save the Planet'
Suggestion numero uno?
Talk about feelings.

Our morning was not headed in the direction of Kindness Cake, but rather than drop the projected plan, I realized we were in need of kindness-infusing, above all else.

 {You are my dearest sister}

Wander Wednesday "Litter"-ature: Rainbow Chalk Project

We were inspired by this Rainbow Rock Project so invented our own Rainbow Chalk Project to spread around our community.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 Duo for Uno

In an effort to bring siblings closer together, we have been changing the Minute-to-win-it games into family challenges, rather than competition.

There are hundreds of idea's out there, but we started with two (seemingly) simple ones:

Suck It Up
The object is to transfer your stack of paper from one pile to another, with a straw.

Disappearing Paper Trick
Alternate paper cups and small sheets of paper in a tower. Pull out the paper to stack the cups.
Not at all easy!


Empathy Game

Scavenger Hunts are our most anticipated activity around here.
I combined this Empathy Game with an outdoor hunt.
Once I announced my intentions, I had to scramble to complete my 'situation' cards, before everyone were boots on and gone!


Scavenger hunts also encourage team work.
There is no competition or prizes, just a friendly game of find.

Great books for identifying hard-to-name emotions.

I love this book! In a world full of ABC books, this is a rare find.
Instantly made it to our Wish List.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Math Monday: Paper Chain Challenge

Our original task was to use one sheet of paper to create the longest paper chain possible.
We broke this down into two levels:
Three year old: cut along line and tape strips into ring to form paper chain
Six year old: use your judgement how to cut piece of paper to form longest chain possible, then measure.

Ms. O free-handed the strips as thinly as possible.

Ms. C surprised me with her ability to form a chain with no assistance.

Ms. O ended up with a 117inch chain, which works out to over 9 feet long!

We extended this lesson by linking it (haha!) to our theme of kindness.
We discussed ways in which people have demonstrated kindness.
Not once, were gifts mentioned, instead it was all sweet gestures friends have made.

"The time Ms. E helped me up when I was hurt."
"Ms. A worked with me to make a nest."
"My sister helped me pull weeds"
"My sister helped me wash buckets."