Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Map Monday: Lego Fun with Flags

As we were chatting about maps and countries, we pulled out our flag book.
Then we noticed that a lot of the colours are straight out of our Lego Toolbox!
A great excuse for a Lego Challenge!

The kids tried several variations or combining colours and patterns from flags around the world.

At Long Last


For full disclosure, the cattle on our farm do not belong to us.
But for all intents and purposes, they have been unofficially adopted, particularly when a baby is in the mix.
This three day old has been long awaited, so we were all eager to get our turn and feel just how soft a baby calf can be.
He did not disappoint!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Word Wednesday: Mud Muffins Story, Art & Brownies


'Tis the season right before the warm weather stays for good, when you wake up and you're not quite sure if it will be white or brown outside.
We all woke up on the wrong side of the yurt, so declared it a Chocolate Day.

Off to the kitchen we went to produce some Mud Brownies.

Why people write a million pages of math equations is beyond me.
In a day, there is so much math readily available and it seems all too relevant to ignore.
Math is seriously accessible. It's everywhere. Learning things that are relevant seems like the thing to do.
Baking is a great example.

We've done these brownies before.
If you're wondering how they taste, the honest to goodness response was,

Fancy that. I won't even include the recipe in that case.
If you like, you can seek it out in the search bar.

We read Mud Muffins with a lovely little poem about Spring.

The sun has called to the frozen Earth
Awake for Spring is near
And everywhere there was ice and snow
The squishy mud appears.
~Tell Me a Story 


Limited Palette Landscape

 Indoor Arrangement
Over the next few weeks, we're covering some map and orienteering challenges.
We combined a nature art activity with learning about horizontal versus vertical arrangement.

We limited the palette to a Spring selection of colours: yellow, white, brown and more brown! with a touch of blue. Best to bring this painting project outdoors if everyone is willing. You can re-visit this project throughout each season for a phenological art scape.

Math Monday: Overlapping Shapes


M: "Try drawing a rock in front of a ball." 
(Miss O starts with a giant rock)
O: "A rock in front of a ball?
Then there. 
(omits drawing a ball at all).
Or I can draw a bigger ball."

This exercise in photos, does not seem like an exciting activity, but as the conversation illustrates, a lot of perspective-taking was going on!
Math and art often go hand-in-hand, so we don't shy away from exercises that include both.