Thursday, June 21, 2018

DIY Doll Pants

"Mom. Darmand has grown out of his clothes!"
 Pattern copied from Little Brothers Shorts
Quite a shocking statement considering Darmand is about 35 years old and has been the same size his whole life.
None the less, it was an opportunity to break out the beloved sewing machine.

1) Cut two of each (as shown above) with patterns facing inwards.
2) Sew outer edge (chalk line)

3) Stack outer edge seam in center.
4) Sew waist to crotch. (chalk line)

5) Stack back to crotch seam center.
6) Sew inner leg seam in one arch.
7) Fold down waistband and sew to insert elastic.
8) Hem pant cuff as needed.

Painted Turtle Crossing!

Medical Care for Froglets

If you happen to pass a pond next to a 'Hat Stealing Tree' and two concerned children sitting beneath on camping chairs with a large tub of water between them, you will find yourself at the Medical Care Center for Froglets. (MCCFF)

We are learning that with an abundance of frogs comes an abundance of predators.
The question is whether the frogs are growing with birth defects or have escaped someone's opportunity to have lunch.

The Medical Care Centers mission is to bring the froglets respite from the unfortunate perils of pond living.
They offer shelter, fresh pond water and a place for socialization and integration with peers of the human and amphibian species.

The MCCFF went as far as to draw posters in hopes to raise funds.
This poster, for example, cost me $1 (which I had to barter down from it's original asking price!)

Yes, they have figured out that I collect their nature drawings for a Nature Journal and are now charging!

Summer Solstice Italian Lemon Cookies

Love me some lemon!
Summer Solstice is the perfect time for sunshiny cookies.
A great big thanks to Ms L for sharing her cookies and her recipe!

Italian Lemon Cookies
~1c all purpose flour
~1/4c cane sugar
~3/4t baking powder
~1/4t salt
Sift dry.
~1/4c rice milk
~2T avocado oil
~1-2T lemon juice
Combine wet and mix with dry.
If dough is too sticky, slowly add more flour.
Roll into 1T balls.
Bake 350 15 minutes.
~1c icing sugar
~ lemon juice

Summer Solstice Crown & Poem

"{Spring} kissed her Sister Summer and said,
When I am gone, you must be Queen instead."
~C M Barker, Flower Fairies

Word Wednesday: Summer Alliteration (and Soup!)

 Minestrone Soup
Miss O: "Are kidney beans made of kidneys?"
Me: "No. No organs."
Miss C: "They're made of kids."

Summer Supper is a super read that contains words only starting with 'S'!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Spring Peepers & Froglets

Fingertip Frogs!
A frog fan favourite, Spring Peepers are like the ultimate of mini pets.
These pop up, literally, in June every year and yet it still astonishes me just how teeny they come!
Can you imagine heart, lungs and brain all in miniature!?

Not half as cute, but just as intriguing are the froglets found with a longer tail than body, metamorphosing into full grown amphibians right before our eyes!