Monday, October 16, 2017

Invite to Explore: Cardboard Attachments

'Art of Education' has a great visual tutorial of various attachments you can create with cardboard

After introducing some of these (toilet paper roll flange, slots & inserts, hinge) I left out materials for an Invite to Explore.

Miss O created a coconut village complete with a story, about how one family ate a bad coconut and saved the juice, which happened to be purple. Instead of wasting the juice, they used it as paint for their house!

Math Monday: Geometric Structures

After exploring our Geometric Solids, we traced some of their shapes on cardboard, created slots and inserted various pieces to create a Geometric Structure.

Math Monday: Build a Cube

Two-turned-three dimensional object.

Booty Box

A game of Booty Box is so well played with your shades on!
Set-up is simple.
Attach some elastic to a box, attach box to a person's behind, place an object (acorn will do) in the box and get shakin'!