Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Paper Magic: Movement Sculptures

Hippie Headress & Scarf Play


Despite the soggy weather, we trooped to the Guelph Art in the Street Festival a few weeks ago.
Local artisans enter to sell their wares on the blocked city streets.
Local art businesses also showcase an entire corner block for creative play.
Childrens Art Factory
Wyndham Art Supplies offered a Tie Dye Station.

We have on hand and use on a weekly basis, silk scarves. These are one of our most beloved open-ended items and are used for making making doll slings, covering box homes, designing fashion and tying brothers up to table legs.
The Inspired Treehouse posted several other ways to use scarves for motor play.


Blow Art

A friend of mine sent Blow Markers from Ireland last year.
They were a great hit, though I've no idea where she found them.

We created our own version with the help of The Artful Parent
Simply fill your watercolour palette with water to form a paint concentrate.
Offer eye droppers to drip tiny dots of colour onto your page and a straw to blow the paint in all directions.

Funday Monday: Tiny Bubbles

 Bubble Beard
Infusing some Fun into the Mon.
 Squirt Bottles
Attempting the Plunge!

Field Friday: Patchwork

Friday, July 13, 2018

Roots & Wings: Record & Review

Over the years, we've been printing these project books for our own homeschool records.
Each two-page spread represents a month of activities
Though we like to look over these to recall past projects, it also serves as a reference for future plans; projects to introduce to the younger set and our favourite activities, traditions or outings that can be repeated.

Monthly Two-Page Spread

Nature Journals: The Changing Seasons

Keeping track of yearly work and finding a way to collect all those amazing art bits!
Though we lead quite a 'lax' view on traditional education, we take very seriously, personal progress.
These journals cost a few dollars to prep and contain a few years worth of pieces to represent the changing seasons.

By each years end, we have a good handful of pages to review and refer to for future art idea's.