Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rainbow Masking Tape

 Little Red

Green painters tape is our most popular art item in the house.
So when the rainbow tape roll arrived at holiday time, it received plenty of attention!

Snow & Rose

Martin's second chapter book was just as enchanting and endearing as her first, Oddfellows Orphanage.
Perhaps the inspiration for the red caped riding hood art.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Vegan Bites: Chocolate Bliss Balls

Energy Orbs in chocolate and buckwheat!
Great for the trails!

Edible Evergreen

A new home was found for our Farm Christmas Tree!
Courtesy of the book Night Tree by Eve Bunting, about a family who visits the forest every winter to adorn an evergreen with edibles for the wildlife!

Perspective Landscape

Fitting in with our House & Home theme, I found some 3D art on the Made By Joel website that could easily be converted for our landscaping purposes.

Kwik Stix were recommended to me by a friend and gifted to the kids for Christmas.
They have incredible colour and are low on the mess factor!

Yes Day: A Day in the Life

 Important Ice Rink
 Sunrise Sledge

We've had Yes Day's a number of times, but I still remain in awe how many topics are touched with absolutely no pressure on my part.
Personally, I love reading about A Day in the Life of other homeschoolers. 
Of course there is more to it than meets the eye, but altogether, this is a pretty good snapshot with a few details missing.


C: "Mom, I made this sunrise for you!" 
 Alphabet practice

 Alphabet with Scrabble pieces

Miss C is all about the alphabet and writes it out a hundred times a day.
I brought out the Scrabble letters to add to her play.
Sorry, her work.

 Mysterious Circles

Out in Tiny Tree Woods, I noticed an assortment of circles.
We had no buckets or other supplies with us, so I was a little confused how these appeared.
Miss O enlightened me with her natural compass!

Nature's Compass

 Map-making of 'East Asia'

Ice-rink construction was the most popular event of the day.
The two eldest worked tirelessly creating their own rinks that connected by a path of ice.

 Rosy Cheeked Frost Fairy
 Evening Fire
Fire-building Friend

 Completed chapter book

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Healing Stories: House & Home

First Day in our First House

Emotions are high.
Moving is challenging on many levels. 
The most important being little people needing lots of love as they transition. 
Big People too!

 'I love my house'-by Miss C

Storytelling is a crucial part of our homeschooling journey, so when I chanced upon the idea of creating Healing Stories, I knew the interest level would be high.
There are various reasons to write a Healing Story and multiple methods, but most simply, it recognizes the need to address heavy hearts and help them make the most of a challenging time.
It also reminds the parent to take perspective, in addition to completing the mountain of tasks at hand.
Some general outlines are included in' Creative Living with Children' and 'Whole Family Rhythms'

Our story.

This is our home.
Well, it was our home.
It’s where we planted our garden.
It’s where we placed our books.
It’s where we hung our photos.
It’s the walls that protected us from the wind.
It’s the roof that sheltered us from the rain.
It’s the fire that kept us warm on cold winter nights.
I learned how to walk in this house and cartwheel, 
how to write my name and measure my height in its door frame.

Early on a spring morning, my brother was born in this house because my mother felt safe in its arms.
The next day we planted a tree in our yard that will grow as he does over the years.
  This house has heard our laughter and seen our pain and tears.

Slowly, we are removing our belongings from its walls. 
We’re boxing our books and uprooting our trees.
It must wonder why we are taking our hopes and dreams somewhere else.

With his own hands, my father is building our new house.
It’s been years, he said, since the land has heard the laughter of children.
It’s been years since the garden has grown vegetables to feed a family.

First, my father hung a swing in the tree.
Second, he gathered all of us to plant trees in the soil.

 There’s a field and a forest for planting and playing.
There’s a pond for catching frogs and watching turtles bask in the sun.

We can build fires inside and out.
 Winter is cold and quiet. 
Big blankets of snow shine bright blue to begin and end each day.
The nights are black with a sky full of stars.

We place our books on the shelf and choose an old favourite to curl up by the fire.
We collect seed catalogs and make our selection for spring.
We put soup on the stove and tea in the kettle.
By the big window, my mother sets out a table for paintbrushes 
and paper and promises us a blank page to draw our dreams.
It feels like we have flown to a faraway land. 
We feel like visitors here.
Then let us be explorers, my mother says, 
wild and wonderful and free.
                                                                            ~december 2017 


Fortunately, the heart of our house, is coming with us.

Stories about Home.

Butterfly Park
Friends gifted us this beautiful read about a girl moving from country to city with delicate pictures.
The author/illustrator is from Owen Sound!

 Ming Lo

Arnold Lobel graces our shelves with Frog & Toad, Mouse Soup, Uncle Elephant and more.
However, this tale of moving house is beyond brilliant!

With fun illustrations of homes all over the world, Ellis sets out to open your mind and delivers. 
 The Road Home
Animals face various hardships as they find a place to call home.

North, by Sleeping at Last.

Yurta is Here!

Finally after loads of planning and prep, Yurta is here!
We're downsizing from our already cozy home to 226sq ft for five!
We'll still enjoy the luxuries of indoor bath and kitchen, but our new nest is as cozy as it is warm!

Although we're not sure how this counts as 'nomadic living'.
My husband spent months preparing the space, outfitting it with a deck and insulated, round floor, sourcing a good sized stove and installing a chimney through canvas walls.

Now, inside it feels like we're camping in remote lands!
Our cheeks turn rosy red from the fire as the winds whistle outside.
We have natural lighting, which doubles as an observatory, with 4 feet wide of roof dome.
Altogether, it's incredible and the result of some serious dedication from Daddy and friends.

1. Order the Canadian made, all-season Yurta
2. Choose and level location

3. Design & build deck

Quality Control at Work
Working Overtime!

Round flooring

4. Build round flooring (recruit clever friends and their routers)

5. Assemble yurta!

 Skeleton (lattice walls and roof beams)

Wool Insulation & Sewn-in Windows

 Canvas Walls & Roof

Stove & Chimney Kit